Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about Say What?:

1. What is the Say What? application?

It is an Android application that allows users to play a global version of the classic children's game of "Telephone". The game originally had someone create a phrase and whisper it into another's ear and then they whisper it to the next person and so on. With this application you can play the game globally without needing to be sitting next to each player.

2. What is the point of playing the game?

The point is to try and repeat the phrase the best you can. Once it has gone through is often hilarious to hear how different the beginning phrase and ending phrase turned out. It really is fun!

3. How can I play the game?

First, you have to have an Android based phone. If you do then you can download the FREE "Say What?" app from the Android Market. Once you install it, you will need to create a FREE account to be able to track the phrases. Lastly, login to the game from your phone and follow the instructions.

4. I have an iPhone...can I play?

Currently, we do not have a version of this game available to the iPhone or any other smartphone playforms. Sorry :(

5. Is there another way for me to track games I have participated in?

Yes. You may also login to your account from this website as opposed to just doing it from your Android phone.


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